Emily Kimball, Producer

I am an ordinary woman with an ordinary job who is passionate about ending human trafficking. There are an estimated 21-30 million slaves in the world today. 60K of those are in the U.S. And approximately 22% of those are specifically being trafficked for sex.* One day in 2010, I had this idea to document on film the work already being done by ordinary people to fight human trafficking, therefore inspiring other ordinary people to contribute. This film will primarily focus on sex trafficking. Within a year of that initial idea, I established non-profit status and enlisted amazing board members for support in making this documentary.

Until August 2014, I worked full time at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. I resigned from the hospital (where I worked for 9.5 years) specifically to focus on finishing this documentary.

Why am I passionate about fighting human trafficking? The power of the ripple effect. I had two very dear friends take a major stand for fighting sex trafficking. Their passion rippled out to me. As a result, I strongly believe in the power of the ripple effect. And I love that it is so well captured in the video clip about the 27 Hour Triathlon on this website.

The evils of human trafficking break my heart on many levels. A trafficker preys upon the vulnerable. Sometimes that vulnerability looks like poverty, being a runaway, etc. However, deeper than that, the sex traffickers take advantage of and manipulate insecurities and desire to be loved that every young woman faces. This subject particularly resonates with me when I reflect upon my “coming of age” years. I know how easily I could have been tricked and become a victim of trafficking, myself. I choose to highlight sex trafficking in this film because it crosses all the lines. A person can be recruited for labor trafficking and also used for sex (very common). But rarely is a person recruited for sex trafficking and also used for labor. A sex trafficking victim is raped and/or beaten up to 10 times per day. Knowing what I know, and having seen what I’ve seen – I want to do whatever I can to hinder the success of this billion dollar business called human trafficking.

*Source: Fact Sheet from Free the Slaves www.freetheslaves.net