Welcome! Thanks for your interest in this documentary that addresses sex trafficking in the U.S.

Watch and learn. People learn by watching others do what needs to be done. To help ordinary people see how they can help end human trafficking in the U.S., we will show stories in this film about what is already being done.

The video above about the 27-hour Triathlon is a great example of the types of stories we will feature throughout the final full-length film. Paula loves to do triathlons and you can see in the clip how she uses that to raise awareness about human trafficking. I love what Paula says at the end of that clip- even though the problem is big, she will continue to do whatever she can do to help. That is the essence of this documentary- to spur people away from apathy towards action.

There is hope available. Research has been done on the complexities of human trafficking. Plausible approaches for fighting trafficking exist. There are organizations and coalitions in every state that know what steps are needed next. This film will feature stories about some of those organizations. It will show how they work with local law enforcement, local & state laws, and other non-profit agencies in their community. Telling their stories will show how they depend on each other to address human trafficking and provide healing and rehabilitation for those rescued from this complex atrocity.

There is power in the ripple effect. As the story in the clip shows, the first year Paula did the triathlon alone. The second year she had some friends join her. The friends’ stories of how knowing Paula and her passion to fight Human Trafficking rippled out through them is touched upon in the clip above. The 3rd year Paula allowed teams of people to participate and complete the 27 hours via relay. She sent the video clip above to potential teams to show them the value of their participation. For the 3rd and 4th years of this event, there were close to 100 participants involved in raising awareness and funds to fight human trafficking. This example of the power of the ripple effect is exactly what this film intends to inspire. Imagine what is possible if more people are inspired to use their unique gifts and talents for this purpose.

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