Affected by the Ripple Effect

The power of the ripple effect is a major theme for this documentary. The reason I am producing this documentary is due to the ripple effect. Even though I had been heartbroken by stories of human trafficking prior to 2010, I didn’t think about how I could help combat it until two very dear friends became involved in combatting human trafficking. It was my relationship with them, supporting them, encouraging them that had me start thinking, “What can I do?” And so it goes…

That is why this documentary will tell stories highlighting ordinary people using their natural gifts and talents as a platform for fighting trafficking.  AND how their friends, family, and colleagues are affected by their efforts.

Click here for another story emphasizing the power of the ripple effect.

The clip below is an interview with me and my friend, Melissa, who is the mother of Vanessa featured in the blog post about the Lemonade Stand.  This interview conducted by Joules Evans (off camera) shows more evidence of the beauty of the ripple effect.

Did this post get you thinking about ways you can use your gifts and talents to combat trafficking? If so, feel free to share in the comments.

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