Farewell Heart.Beats.Slavery

Friends, the time has come to officially shut down Heart.Beats.Slavery. This has been an incredible journey. From the first mustard seed idea, to the many huge leaps of faith required (and taken), to the joys of progress and the tears shed for plans derailed.  I have probably hung on to this vision too long.  It’s such a good vision. I hate to let it go.

“You’ll have dreams bigger than your hands can hold. There’ll come a time when you’ll have to learn to let ‘em go.”  -Kaitlin’s Song by Ryan Adcock

While I’m still open to the possibility of this project coming back to life in the future, I am certain it is time to let it go for now. Thanks to Jamey Ponte for making the current incarnation possible. Your willingness to share your non-profit status and fantastic connections has been an incredible gift that keeps on giving! You introduced me to Ursula Roma who created the amazingly beautiful logo for HBS. Metal heart BW

So many abundantly talented and generous people contributed to this project. And many more offered to contribute to the making of this documentary. The fantastic friends I met on this journey made every effort to follow this dream worth it! I’m extremely humbled and thankful for all of you!

I will leave the website up through June, if anyone wants to watch (one more time) the inspiring 3.5 minute video about the 27-hour Triathlon in Lexington. Thomas, I love the work you did and the care you put into every shot.  THANK YOU for the many long hours…working for WAY less money than you deserved. I’m forever grateful for you, your dedication, and friendship. We did have some fun along the way!

I am profoundly grateful to everyone who donated time, talents, money, cameras & lighting equipment, advice, networking connections, prayers, encouragement, bought t-shirts, wore the t-shirts in public (and told me how many compliments they got on the t-shirt), and loved me through it ALL.  I cannot express my appreciation enough.

Gratefully yours, Emily

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