How can a Lemonade Stand fight Human Trafficking?

Stories of ordinary people of all ages who take a stand for fighting human trafficking is at the core of this documentary.  And the story of Vanessa and her lemonade stand is an excellent illustration.  Watch the clip below about how Vanessa and her friends raised $230 with a lemonade stand. Thanks to my friend, Joules Evans, for interviewing Vanessa for this story.

The money they raised will help make this film.  And this film promises to be full of inspirational stories to motivate more ordinary people to take action, just like Vanessa did.

There is another 10 year old girl who sells lemonade to fight child slavery.  To learn more, visit  People of all ages CAN & DO make a difference.

Now that you are inspired by these young women with vision, think about what platform YOU could use to raise awareness and/or funds to fight human trafficking.  Feel free to post your ideas in the comments!

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