Mother Love

Ever since celebrating Mother’s Day last week, I’ve been noticing various ways people love like a mother, honor mothers, and ways to be a mother-with or without children. It reminded me of the only Mother’s Day card I’ve ever received (see pic below).  Since I do not have any children, I did not think I’d ever get a Mother’s Day card, but my friends know my heart!  And working on producing this documentary has, at times, resembled giving birth and/or nurturing a child in many ways!

HBS mother card

It also reminded me of the many times I’ve heard people who work for organizations that fight trafficking say that what keeps them going (when they’ve seen too many heartbreaking stories in the realm of rescuing and rehabilitating victims) is remembering that the girls and women they are helping are somebody’s daughter and/or somebody’s mother.  Or sometimes they even imagine the girl they are saving is THEIR daughter.  This perspective came up when interviewing Officer Nate Young on Friday.  Nate is on the Human Trafficking Task Force with the Cincinnati Police Department. Among other things, he shared the heartbreaking truth that he has encountered trafficking victims younger than 10 yrs. old.


We (myself and two colleagues in photo) were filming Nate for a video segment we will feature in a Human Trafficking class geared towards healthcare providers.  Click here for more info about that class.  And during the interview, we asked what he would share with the general public about why it is important for them to be aware of human trafficking and to report suspicions of trafficking when they see it.  Part of his answer included that they need to remember the girls/women they could save either have a mother who loves them or they are a mother who loves their children. That’s why it’s important to do what we can to restore the survivors’ dignity and remind them how a mother’s love feels.

                                                                                                          Photo L to R: Nate, Becca, Shannan, and me


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