Wax on. Wax off. A progress report.

A year ago I took a major leap of faith.  I quit my full-time job in HR at a local hospital to focus on finishing this documentary.  My last day at that job was 8/8/14.  The intention was to free up my time and energy to devote to all things necessary to move forward with the film production.

However, there have been no more funds collected, no film crew hired, no new director found, and no further filming completed.  A whole year has passed and nothing to show for it.

And yet… the vision for the film has been refined, been affirmed, gained new fans.  My role as producer has become clearer, been encouraged, grown.  I, personally, have been sharpened, inspired, and empowered in ways too complex to explain… except to compare my journey this past year to the classic 80’s film “The Karate Kid.”


In this film, young Daniel wants to learn Karate.  Mr. Miyagi says he can teach Daniel Karate.  So Daniel starts going to Mr. Miyagi’s house every day to learn Karate. But Mr. Miyagi has Daniel wash his car, wax his car, and paint his fence.  To make it more annoying, Mr. Miyagi micro manages HOW Daniel does these chores for him. Incessantly repeating while correcting his specific motions, “Wax on. Wax off,” and, “Paint the fence.”  Understandably, Daniel gets frustrated that Mr. Miyagi is NOT teaching him Karate, as promised.  And the big Karate match is approaching. And he has to compete against the bully from school. And he still has not learned anything about Karate. Or has he?

In the climactic scenes of the Karate Kid, Daniel is on the mat in competition thinking he’s doomed. Then Mr. Miyagi yells from the sidelines, “Wax on! Wax off!”  With those motions, Daniel is able to block the moves of his opponent.  Then Mr. Miyagi coaches, “Paint the fence!”  BAM! Before he knows it, Daniel is in the final round and using expert Karate skills he had not realized were being honed by waxing a car and painting a fence.

So it is with progress on Heart.Beats.Slavery from 8/8/14 – 8/8/15.   I think God is pulling a Mr. Miyagi with me.  I sense that soon all previous work and the pieces of the HBS puzzle I have collected since 2010 will start falling into place. And I will be grateful for how the creative vision has been honed and affirmed over this past year of no perceivable progress. Ah- but for the incessant Wax on. Wax off. Paint the fence.

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